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The Sickness B1 (2016)

The Ghost of An Image (2014)

Through his art practice and research, Ciarán Walsh invokes various states of communicative corruption to explore cultural narratives and the operation of memory and visual perception. In his work he makes use of sculpture, photography, text, video and the performed voice.

Vortices (2016)

He Cried in a Whisper at Some Image, at Some Vision (2013)

They Echo in the Stillness of Infinity (2013)

No One Can Arrive in the Past, Before They Depart From the Future (2011)

The Reading Room (2010-12)

Visual Projects (2006/7)

Ciarán Walsh has shown most recently in the group exhibition How Far is Here at MAGO (Eidsvoll, Norway) and in the solo exhibition Beyond Other Voices at Galway Arts Centre (Galway, Ireland). Other recent solo exhibitions have been at Pallas Contemporary Projects and Four Gallery (Dublin), and at VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art (Carlow), while he has partaken in group exhibitions at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Project Arts Centre, and Mother's Tankstation (Dublin), Crawford City Gallery (Cork), and João Cocteau and Atelierhof Kreuzberg (Berlin), among others. Additionally, he created an online commission for Light & Wire Gallery (Los Angeles); published the art-zine Travelogue (Berlin); curated the public projects Sweet Futures and Hedge School (Carlow), and co-curated the long-term project The Reading Room (Berlin, Paris, Dublin, Birmingham). Originally from Ireland, he now lives and works in Berlin.

Fragments of an Unknown Teaching (2014)

A Time for Superlatives (2013)

It's Just a Shadow Away (2011)

Orgone/Wilhelm Reich (2007-10)