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Novella, English, 96 pages
Risograph print, monochrome with colour cover,
blue 'Swiss Broschure' binding
Limited numbered edition: 100

The recognisable forms of narrative fiction and the paper-back book are utilised to create an immersive, durational artwork. Through a strategy of détournement, the novella remixes the biography of French caver and chronobiologist Michel Siffre, the heritage of science-fiction novels, the mythology of space exploration, and concepts from museology and postcolonial theory, so as to create a remapping of the space of the Museum and a reflection on Stanislaw Lem's inner/outer space dichotomy. The story unfolds to sketch out mental processes of encounter, wonder, unease, alienation and estrangement.

Exhibition/project/collection location(s):
MuHKA, Antwerp, Belgium (from April 2017)
CCA, Warsaw, Poland (from April 2017)
& private collections

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