Ciarán Walsh

The Sickness, Book One, 2017
120 pages, digital offset, published with TFGC Publishing (Düsseldorf/Berlin)

The Sickness is a series of four novellas addressing memory, image and corporeality. Set in a recognisable near future troubled by a pandemic, it uses the literary laboratory for psychological, sociological and philosophical enquiry. Book One concerns itself with the story of Alex Madden, an actor whose productions are haunted by the ghost of his younger brother.

Exhibition Module for a Fictional Text, 2017
Sculpture; painted wood

The specially commission work for the Kunsthalle Bratislava referenced traditions of minimalist scuplture, display architecture, bodily interactions in reading, and the absent physical form of the person.

Vortices, 2016
94 pages, risograph, numbered edition of 100

Ariding out of long-term research into the Museum, the novella remixes the biography of French caver and chronobiologist Michel Siffre, the heritage of science-fiction novels, the mythology of space exploration, and concepts from museology and postcolonial theory, creating a remapping of the space of the museum and a reflection on Stanislaw Lem's inner/outer space dichotomy.

Fragments of Unknown Teachings, 2014
Two-room sculptural installation; mixed media, with programmed lights

The installation deconstructes the scenographic and corporeal experience of the Museum, operating according to unstable and fragile aesthetic principles. Encounters with the assemblages constructed of card, glass, foil, wood and rope are mediated by the constantly shifting light pattern of the room, so that no perspective remaines consistent.

The Ghost of an Image, 2014
Spoken word, digital audio, video projection, screen printed posters

A multimedial reflection on death, film, subjective magic, personal memory, the nature of imagery, the subliminal, and haunting, stemming out of both on personal experiences of the artist and an experiment in audio-generated hallucination.

A Time for Superlatives, 2014
Sculpture; painted card, acrylic glass, light box

The work continued my artistic research into objecthood, provenance, facsimilie and the space of the Museum, specifically arising out of time spent at Berlin's Ethnographisches Museum, Hamburgs Museum für Volkskunde, and Berlin's Neues Museum.

He Cried in a Whisper at Some Image, at Some Vision, 2012
Inkjet photographic prints; series of 3 unique prints.

High-speed photography capturing available light in the 'African exhibition rooms' of the Ethnographisches Museum in Berlin.

It's Just a Shadow Away, 2011
HD Video with sound; 9mins 30 secs

Non-native actor's work from a phonetic Russian script in an attempt to create a facsimile of two key scenes from Andrei Tarkovsky's 1972 film Solaris that holds emotional verisimilitude.